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By: John Miller

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A couple cuddles warmly on the pure white angel sand, out
looking the sunset make love to the ocean horizon. Her skin was as soft as
velvet satin and his eyes out shined the only star in the sky. There smiles
symbolized the way love should always be, forever on fire. Imaginary fireworks
went off as the two locked lips. The brilliant orange and purple lit sunset
disfigured in the distance and the ocean became a blissful memory. The girl
found herself, deeply embraced into the hefty arms of the love of her life.
Every tender second of the kiss was like the music that sent ripples of harmony
down her spine and chilled her legs. Chemistry reached critical levels
instantly. Suddenly the ripping and tearing of clothes coupled with the sound
of the ocean waves dancing over glowing white sand. Her giggles echoed beyond
the waves. The sun’s light intensified as did their passion. The first article
of clothing to go was the woman’s top bikini piece revealing full and luscious
D cup breast and soft pink nipples. His mouth met her nipples as she bit her
lip, ecstasy coursing through her blood like poison. His teeth shocked her. Her
voice was numb and only moans proceeded from her soft glossy lips. The next to
go was the man’s shirt and lower undergarments. His muscles stiffened and the
sun only served to give it more detail. Without thought the women strokes his 7
incher intensifying the need for more pleasure between the two lovers. The man
then removed the garment hiding the women’s gate to paradise and key to
ultimate pleasure. Driving his fingers into her sacred well he ignites fire and
ice in the form of color, music, and explosion. Then in like an angelic
snakelike voice she says “How do you like the ripe taste of my cherry?” Smiling
he responds, I have yet to find out. Then he seductively lowers his head to level
with her fresh pink ecstasy hole. His tongue and lips makes contact with her
perfection to cause a flawless feeling of love and delight. She bites her lip
feverishly. “You devil!” she calls out clearly desperate for more. His teeth
clench the lips of her now seriously wet vagina and he pulls gently, shaking
his head side to side. She screams in utter tasteful bliss. She cries and
screams for more, but the pleasure stops. Frustration escapes but doesn’t last.
Suddenly the man’s 7 incher intrudes the sacred gates
of heaven and hell. Coursing his way deeper into her soul and heart, she seizes
his skin with her nails. The devil glowing in her eyes like
Suddenly, speed comes into play. Both moan and grunt and scream.
Their sweat giving them a magical look; the sun retires from his love making
day with the ocean. The moon replaces the ball of fire, and brings the stars
into the sky to intensify the love making going on between the couple. Their
sweat cools like molten rock but their sex only gets hotter. The moon sets
white light against the woman as she rides her man like a cowboy in the Old
West. Then she slowly slides back and forth setting off tiny explosions in his
body. His hands clutch her ass like a dead man’s and he closes eyes and sees nothing,
but feels everything. Slowly she leans down to kiss his caressed lips. A five
minute make out session occurs but soon the riding commences again. She goes
faster and faster drawing moans and grunts from her man like the howl of a wolf
in the midnight air. As speed increases an explosion unlike any other occurs.
The universe becomes personal, and the big bang in the palm of their hands.
Colors, lights, explosions, and music come all in the form of one verb: orgasm.

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A nice day on the beach, leads to other things for this frisky and highly in love couple.(;
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May 2, 2013
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